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where we stand today

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where we stand today

Post  evilbyte on Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:58 am

Well with the dinar world news on revaluation going stagnant unless you listen to the bullshit artists. A few good articles have surfaced but nothing showing anything concrete. The only news of Iraq is US troops slowly making their way out and contractors who support us in our operations have not recieved renewed contracts. It looks like to me as I research that everything has been postponed until the majority of all troops and contractors have been removed from Iraq.
There is even a low amount of chop 3 zero's articles and the infamous news reporter who gives us their input on a currency they obviously know nothing about.
It seems to me a LOP is out of the question, I think they are just gonna add the lower denominations to the current currency.
It is a major holiday too but in the past they seem to get more done during the holidays. I think we will see actions before the middle of December 2011. If they wait until the US troops leave and then revalue it will give them more credibility to the rest of the world and not look so much like a puppet of the US. So I believe this ride is coming close to the end and hopefully we will prosper and so will Iraq.

Only the facts and truth.

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