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Arbil Conference of Human Rights Defenders concludes with call to cover all Iraqi forces

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Arbil Conference of Human Rights Defenders concludes with call to cover all Iraqi forces

Post  evilbyte on Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:42 am


ARBIL / Aswat al-Iraq: The International Conference for Human Rights Defenders has concluded its works in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan city of Arbil on Thursday, with a call for expanding human rights activity to cover all Iraqi forces.

“The Conference has taken several recommendations, including the formation of a Federation for Human Rights Defenders, to cover all Iraqi forces,” the conference recommendations stressed.

They called for “expanding the Federation to cover academicians and media men in Iraq, along with the establishment of a partnership with the government, to activate the human rights status in Iraq and to achieve protection for all defenders of human rights.”

In a speech at the final session of the conference, Member of the Iraqi Parliament, Sadeq al-Labban, said that “everybody doubts that the Iraqi government does not support human rights, but they must understand that it worked for that and issued several decisions related to human rights.”

On his part, Iraq’s Human Rights Ministry’s Undersecretary, Abdul-Karim Shallal, said in a speech: “We must unify our address to serve human rights and look at the issue from an Iraqi sight and from our status quo, unify our activity and won’t make our selves busy with criticism only.”

The UNESCO’s local organization’s official, Dhia Subhy, said: “the UNESCO shall continue to render support for human rights projects and our future programs shall address the group, acting in defense of human rights.”

The 3-day Conference was attended by 80 civil activists from different parts of Iraq, with financial support by the European Union and supported by the UNESCO, UNAMI, the International Human Rights Office, the Zcech Human Rights Ministry and the Harikar Organization.


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