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ERBIL Agreement

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ERBIL Agreement

Post  evilbyte on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:06 am

Erbil Agreement (19 points)

The Kurdistan Region’s position on the formation of the new Iraqi government is summarized in the following 19 points. The new government must be dedicated to the following:

1- Commitment to the Iraqi Constitution, with all of its articles without exception, and protection of Iraq’s federal, democratic system
2- A coalition government in which all major Iraqi components participate
3- Commitment to the principle of partnership and participation in decision-making through:

a. Establishment of a Council on National Security, to be created through the passing of a special law at the same time as the government is formed

b. Drafting of bylaws for the Council of Ministers which would give it added legitimacy and institutionalization. Through joint decision-making, the Council would ensure that administrative and financial powers are shared between the Prime Minister and his deputies

c. Adherence to the principle of consensus.

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4- Formation of a Federal Council within the first year of this Parliament. The President and his deputies have the right to veto legislation until this Council is formed

5- Amendment of the current electoral law to guarantee that all Iraqis are represented fairly

6- The census should be conducted on time in October 2010

7- Review of the structures of the security and military forces to reflect a fair representation of all Iraqis in these forces

8- Introduction of checks and balances in all Ministries and Institutions of state

9- Implementation of Article 140 of Iraq’s Constitution and allocation of the necessary budget within a period that does not exceed two years following the formation of the government

10- Passage of a law for water resources within the first year of the government formation on the basis of the latest agreed-upon draft

11- Passage of a law for oil and gas within the first year of the government formation on the basis of the latest agreed-upon draft

12- Supplying the Peshmerga forces with arms, equipments, and funds as part of the Iraqi national defense system

13- Support for the Kurdistan Region’s candidate for the post of President of the Republic

14- Compensation for the victims of the former regime, including the victims of the Anfal campaign and chemical bombings of Halabja and other places, immediately and justly

15- The Kurdistan Region’s blocs should have a fair representation within the sovereign ministries and other institutions based on national gains in the elections

16- The Kurdistan Region should have the right to cross-examine candidates for the posts of minister of any sovereign ministries and those ministries that are relevant to the Region

17- The Kurdistan Region’s negotiating team should elect a candidate for the post of the Secretary of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers

18- In the event that the Kurdistan Region’s blocs withdraw from the government due to a clear breach of the Constitution, the Iraqi government would then be considered dissolved

19- The Prime Minister’s bloc in both the Parliament and the Council of Ministers must make a commitment to the implementation of the above terms.


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