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Post  evilbyte on Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:30 pm

I have read many LOP articles and I know thats not what we want to happen. So any of the bills with 3 zero's on them may be reduced to a lower denomination. We would still make some money but not like we are hoping. I really do not see Iraq lopping the dinar in this way. They are not in the same difficulty as Turkey was when they did this. It is very confusing to read through all the smoke and mirrors that is coming out of Iraq right now. Put more trust into the IMF and World Bank media releases. I still think it will drop the 3 zero's off the exchange rate then adjust to equal dollar. One other thing if Iraq does a low revalue like one cent to ten cents, it will not be good for them as big dogs will make a run on there currency and crash it like Soro's did to Great Britain. I know people will say but they are cheap now why don't they make a run now? Well it pretty much locked where it is now so why would they. A good stock broker will never buy stocks that don't move or increase in value. But I'll tell you what if it gets a bump up to 5 to 10 cents and shows some movement those big dogs will jump on it. So in my opinion the higher the revalue the less chance big dogs will own Iraq.

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Post  Ideadude on Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:26 pm

Good points there. I think a lot of the LOP rumors occur because of the language barrier. Whe the Arabic is translated into english by the elctronic tranlation softwares it comes out a bit garbled. What we jokingly call Arablish. Learning to decipher this is an art in itself. Many times you will hear so and so is recommending the removal of three zeros. It means off of the EXCHANGE rate not off the money.

Iraqs GNP is too high for this to be a valid option. Also the Iraqi people would riot if their money was taken away yet again. You may recall that it happened when they released this current currency and destroyed all the old Sadamm Dinars. That happened because there was so much conterfeit Sadamm currency out there.

my opinion: LOP aint gonna happen.

Keep the faith yall.


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