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NGOs demand Talabani investigation be made public

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NGOs demand Talabani investigation be made public

Post  evilbyte on Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:02 am


10/4/2011 3:15 PM

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi NGOs called on the Parliamentary Integrity Commission to inform the public of the investigations being launched with regard to President Jalal Talabani's expenditures of two million dollars to cover his trip to the U.S.

"We do not deny that his visit was significant.
The argument today lies with the cost of the trip when compared to the trip's short duration," NGO secretary general Abbas al-Mohammadwi said in a press statement received by Aswat al-Iraq.

"We need to deal with case neutrally, away from any political prejudice," he added.

Earlier, the chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission pointed to the possibility of an investigation beind launched into the president's expenditures, noting that the report may be forwarded on to the main Integrity Commission.



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