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Spokesman: Allawi no longer eyes promised post

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Spokesman: Allawi no longer eyes promised post

Post  evilbyte on Fri Oct 07, 2011 2:04 pm

7/10/2011 14:54

Baghdad, Oct. 7 (AKnews)- The interim Iraqi prime minister and the current leader of al-Iraqiya bloc, Ayad Allawi, has given up demanding the chairmanship of a council promised to him, an al-Iraqiya MP said today.

Hadi al-Dhalemi, spokesman for National Alliance (NA, a component of al-Iraqiya) told AKnews Allawi has officially given up demanding the post. Yet, ‘al-Iraqiya will never relinquish the post and will pursue its political rights.’

Under a political agreement reached in Erbil in November , the political leaders signed to assign Allawi to control a new executive body, the National Council for Strategic Policies, after the ex-premier agreed to leave the PM post for Nouri al-Maliki.

Allawi’s bloc was the elections winner but Maliki’s State of Law Coalition (SLC) which came second managed to ally Shia parties under National Alliance. Eventually NC created the largest bloc and caused a nine month debate between Allawi and Maliki over the PM post.

The debate was settled through Erbil agreement, proposed by Kurdistan President Massoud Barzani. However, only Maliki gained the post. So far is not clear if the promised council to Allawi will be established.

The delay has resulted in frequent incriminations; al-Iraqiya accuses Maliki of ‘unilateralism ‘ and evading the implementation of Erbil agreement and NC accuses al-Iraqiya of creating new stipulations in the agreement.

NA spokesman blamed SLC for Allawi’s reaction by giving up the post.

Mr. Dhalemi said his bloc can only notice a ‘partnership in posts not in making political decisions.’

He also accused SLC of ‘deception.’

‘To underline the necessity to grant al-Iraqiya its political rights is just a trick and people should be informed about what is going on…There are attempts by SLC to foil the remainder of political agreement.’

By Raman Brusk

Only the facts and truth.

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