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Chapter 7 sanctions

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Chapter 7 sanctions

Post  evilbyte on Thu Oct 13, 2011 3:40 pm

If you read other forums and listen to the gurus all of them will tell you that Iraq is not out of Chapter 7. I think they are all mistaken, chapt 7 limits Iraqs military status and keeps them from becoming what they were when we first invaded them. Iraq in 1989 had the second largest army in the world if Im not mistaken they had one million physical troops ready to move at any given time. Once they were defeated like Germany and Japan in world war 2, sanctions were placed on Iraq to keep them from becoming this powerhouse again.
Chapter 7 is slowly being removed small pieces at a time. Iraq has purchased M-1 Abram tanks and F-16s, well in order for the US to sell this armor to Iraq certain sanctions must be lifted. So if you read between the lines sanctions are being removed. Plenty of news about other military stuff being sold to Iraq too just do a search. I do have to add that the only things left of Chapter 7 is war reparations to Kuwait, The dollar amount is in dispute and Kuwait wants certain agreements before releasing Iraq. Iraq wants only to pay a percentage of the owed money. So we may be in for a long wait before that last tidbit is resolved.
Check the date.

Abrams tanks shipment.

F-16 purchase.


Only the facts and truth.

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