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Will it revalue?

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Will it revalue? Empty Will it revalue?

Post  evilbyte on Sat Oct 01, 2011 5:10 pm

I have been following this investment since the summer of 2004. I did a lot of research before I purchased my first Dinars. I remember the gurus back then would come with their bull and get ran out of dodge but nowadays it seems more of them are followed like experts. I can tell you if they have real information or its all made up. I think any of us can do our research and make a educated guess and that's what I have done. I have researched the IMF and read about past SDR rates which I believe is a hint as to what the new rate will be. I see all the smoke and mirrors coming out of Iraq, such a confusing mess. I still believe a substantial rate is expected. Rumors the UST has Dinars is close to being right but it's not the treasury they are held by the state department. I remember the articles but with all the guru rumors about the UST good luck finding original news on the subject.
If you look at the SDR rates before the artificial rate was implemented the value was 2.53 SDR in oct 2003. Sdr is 1.61 SDR to the dollar so you would times 1.61 times 2.53 and you get over 4 dollars for the IMF rate in 2003. What does this mean well in my opinion I think that is the rate it will return too once artificial rate is removed. Do your research all the information is out there and you do not have to rely on some pumper guru. I wanted to add that the SDR now is about 1.53 so it has dropped a little but it is due to drops in the US dollar.

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Will it revalue? Empty Re: Will it revalue?

Post  Ideadude on Mon Oct 03, 2011 10:30 am

I’ve been working on this with Evil for a number of years. He spends hours every day researching and following this topic. I too believe that the Dinar will revalue. When you ask? There are probably only two people Max who know the answer to that question and that would be Shabibi and his immediate Deputy. They are NOT going to tell ANYBODY and they certainly are not going to send out memos. Anybody who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

How much will it revalue to? Evil already covered that. My OPINION on the matter is slightly more conservative that his. I have always believed that it will revalue by removing the three zeros from the EXCHANGE RATE and not from the currency. It will then be allowed to free float and stabilize in the mid three dollar range.

Here’s how I get that. They added three zeros to the exchange rate to create the artificial rate. It was then allowed to float up for a time to the current rate. Removing the zeros from the EXCHANGE RATE seems the most logical first step. I could be wrong on that as there has been some dissent on this matter in their Parliament. The feeling is that speculators and terrorist will use that as an opportunity to make boatloads of cash at the Iraqi Governments expense. With that in mind they could just revalue it at the Mid Three dollar rate which is where it was at the end of the Saddam era.

Either way it’s good for us. Be patient and it will pay off.


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